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Herbal Gel with Essences
$25.99 16 oz
Hair Care
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Herbal Gel with Essences
Let Omega Rescue Your Hair
This styling gel delivers hold without chemicals, flakes or stiffness.

Enriched with nutritive proteins, fruit oils and extracts for light conditioning, humidity protection, softness and improved sheen without buildup.

Unique Cranberry Seed oil is balanced with Omega 3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids not found in other oils to strengthen and moisturize hair.

Buriti oil is extremely rich in Vitamin E and has one of the richest nutritive sources of Vitamin A to rejuvenate hair.

This Herbal Gel will enhance slight waves to full on curls while moisturizing and taming frizz, leaving hair soft and full on curls while moisturizing and taming frizz, leaving hair soft and shiny.
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    Boosts volume and provides soft, flexible and flake-free hold.

This Herbal Gel provides hold to all hair types without leaving a sticky finish or

Unisex gel that is perfect for all hair lengths and types. Provides a
polished, healthy-looking shine.

Safe for color treated hair with added anti-fade nutritive conditioners.

Calms fly-away hair and frizz. Provides ultra-clean hold for pure
Cranberry Seed and Kukui Nut oils are vitamin rich oils which revitalize, leaving hair sleek and radiant.

It is an alcohol free, silicone free and mineral oil free non-sticky gel that will keep your hair under control,
even in high humidity.

Buriti oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids which revitalize, moisturize and hydrate hair.

It is handmade fresh in the USA with ingredients that nourish your hair and scalp.
How to Use
    After washing with Shampoo and Conditioner, dispense a small amount
of botanical Gel onto the palms of your hands.

Rub hands together and then apply to wet or dry hair to detail style
and add shine.

For a high-shine look, apply to damp hair and air dry.

For maximum control with blow-dry styles, apply to damp hair at roots
and style.
Herbal Gel with Essences
Citrus Sinensis (Orange Hydrosol), Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera Hydrosol), Vaccinium Macrocarpon (Cranberry Seed) Oil, Aleurites Moluccana (Kukui Nut) Oil, Mauritia Flexuosa (Buriti Fruit) Oil, Hydrolyzed Jojoba Protein, Dehydroxanthan Gum, Caprylyl Glycol, Glycerin, Cymbopogon Flexuosus (Lemongrass) Oil, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Peel Oil, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Oil, Pelargonium Graveolens (Geranium) Oil, Glyceryl Caprylate, Glyceryl Undecylenate, Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5).
    Customer Hair Products reviews and testimonials are provided for informational purposes only. Customer
Hair Products reviews and testimonials reflect the individual Hair Products reviewer’s results and
experiences only. Hair Products results may vary based on individual user. There's no guarantee of
specific results and results can vary.
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    Conventional hair care products can contain harsh
chemical cleansers such as sodium lauryl sulphate as the
shampoo base.

These are known for their foaming action, but can also
irritate or damage your scalp and follicles.

They are often so powerful that they leech the scalp of
moisture, thus stimulating excessive production of oil. If
the scalp is not cleaned properly, this oil becomes wax,
thus clogging the pores.

Normally, you shed around 100-125 strands of hair per
day, and new growth replaces it every 2-3 months.

When your pores are clogged and hair is shed, its
successor cannot come out. Instead, new hair is
weakened and lies dormant under the scalp.

The few hairs that do manage to push through this waxy
barrier are so frail that they are ready to fall out as soon as they break through.
We suggest trying our Vinegar Nutritive Rinse Cleanser for hair loss to remove such waxy, clogging residue.

Our other products contain mild cleansers which produce less foam, but cleanse gently and just as effectively.
The shampoos, for example are so mild that they are even tolerated by the most sensitive of scalps.

That is why switching to our products is like liberating your hair and scalp. In around four weeks, all the synthetic
substances are washed out and your scalp can return to its healthiest state.

We also recommend a change in dietary habits/food intake as necessary to stop hair loss due to a vitamin

If you have issues with your metabolism or poor dietary habits, we suggest taking a daily multivitamin that includes hair-healthy vitamins such as B, C, and E. Other important nutrients are calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc, and iron.
Hair Care by Products
Made in the USA
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  Testimonial Disclaimer:
  Customer reviews and
testimonials are provided
for informational
purposes only. Customer
reviews and testimonials
reflect the individual
reviewer’s results and
experiences only.
may vary based on
individual user.
  The fact that I'm not
buying products loaded
with chemicals and water is
the first time I tried these
products and now I wonder
why I waited so long, what
an amazing improvement!.
It's hard to believe how
long your products last and
this makes me wonder why
anyone would want to pay
for water in other products,
when they can use
products that are loaded
with nutrients?

Susan T Los Angeles CA

"Finally!" Hair care
products that get the
job done... controls the
frizz without leaving my
hair weighted down,
greasy or stiff. I've been
following the hair care
regime for two weeks
now and wow what a
difference. Each item
serves a separate
purpose and they all
seem to do well on my
hair. My hair feels good,
looks good, and smells
wonderful! I imagine the
condition of my hair will
only get better,
retaining more moisture.
I just love the way how
they smell. These hair
products are a pleasant

Tanisha H Port Saint
Lucie FL

This is the best gel I have
found to date. It does not
dry my hair out or make it
too greasy. I have a very
full, thick head of hair and
it keeps it from getting too
"poofy" during the day.
Add a little water to it half
way through the day and
its like you reapplied some
gel. It also smells amazing
and my girlfriend always
comments that my hair
smells good!

Mariano V  Northampton

This works as
advertised by Just
Natural. Not at all
sticky, and it makes
my hair shiny and frizz-
free without flaking and
hardening. It was very
difficult to find a perfect
hair-styling product for
my frizzy and dry hair,
but I think I finally
found real good one.
This gel also has very
good smell somewhat
orange-ginger mix.
Thanks for making this
wonderful product!

Linnea S        Seaford DE

My boyfriend has thick, long
and curly hair that nothing
I've ever looked for at a
pharmacy could manage.
Some of them would work,
but they would leave his
hair almost crunchy feeling,
and he very much disliked it lol. I gave this online store a shot and I'm honestly so
glad I did. His hair smells
lovely and for once, he
actually willingly uses it! I've been stealing some of his, and although I have fine hair it does not mat my hair down at all, and my waves look much cleaner without the frizz. Thanks just nutritive :)

Arianna B        Rockville MD
  Vinegar Nutritive
Rinse Cleanser
  Vinegar Rinse Used For
  Scalp Spot Cream
  Use when experiencing early
stage male or female
baldness and alopecia.
  Grow New Hair
  Focus on your scalp for
healthier, faster and longer
growth. For men and
  Grow New Hair  
Longer, fuller hair with less