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    Our products to air dry hair are created to be used as often as you
want; everyday if needed.

These are styling products and intensive treatments to style your
wet or dry hair.

Air drying hair is the most healthy styling method.

It allows your hair to breathe naturally and your scalp to


Air drying hair naturally can result in many beautiful hair styles for

all types of hair.

Our air dry hair care products are the best solutions that help to
restore your scalp and hair.

Whatever method of air drying you choose, make sure you do it correctly so your tresses will look beautiful and
A Nutritive Hair Style Always Is Better
    A nutritive hair style allows you to wear your hair loose and free
for a week or more without using shampoos for a longer period
of time or the need to apply more products.

The key is to find the correct air dry hair product that works with
your hair condition.

We offer lotions, gels, creams, sprays and shine enhancers that can be used on wet or dry hair.

Drying time will vary depending on the length of your hair and
thickness of the individual strands – whether they are coarse or
fine. Hair that is damaged or porous will often take longer to dry.

Hair that is straight, fine or thin will typically dry more quickly, but
there are ways to shorten the drying time of even very thick hair.

After cleansing and conditioning, use a towel to absorb the excess of water
Apply a small quantity of your nutritive hair product, blot, don’t rub.

Your hair is very fragile when it is wet, so rubbing often causes frizziness and split ends. Wait 2 minutes to let

the product be absorbed by the hair follicles. Now you are ready to work in an air dry hair style or continue
your day, letting the hair finish the nutritive process of drying.
Air Dry Styling
  Speed up Drying Time

Letting your hair air dry can take a lot of time, but there are a couple of things you can do to speed up the
process. First off, blot your hair using a very absorbent towel to soak up and remove excess water. Be gentle and
don’t rub your hair. Wet hair is fragile and rubbing it can lead to split ends and frizzy hair. Next, lift hair at the roots and fluff it up with your fingers. This will also help hair dry faster.

Avoid Frizzy Hair

Together with the long drying time, the tendency of hair to frizz when let air dry is the main reason why most
people prefer to use a blow dryer instead. But using the right products, like a good leave-in conditioner or
anti-frizz products, will tame your hair, preventing it from becoming frizzy. In addition, these products will also make your hair shiny and soft.

Add Volume

If you want to add some volume to your hair while letting it air dry, simply comb it with your fingers: lift and fluff
hair, placing your strands on the opposite side of your head to where they usually lay. If you have some, you can
use condor clips to hold them in this position and once hair is dry, simply comb it back.

Create Nutritive Waves

Creating waves naturally when hair is wet is easy and there are several ways to do it. Start by detangling your hair
with a wide-toothed comb. Avoid brushes as wet hair is particularly delicate and vigorous brushing may cause
damage. Then, twist the strands in a circular motion and secure it into a bun. Use condor clips if you have them to
lock the bun in place. Once hair is dry and the clips gone, your hair will be naturally and beautifully wavy. Or, you
can set each strand of hair into a braid or use rag rollers, sponge rollers or even pin curls instead to achieve the
same results.
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  I was a skeptic to use a
shiner styler on my
colored hair, after my first
application i see amazing hair color
tends to fade after 3
weeks, and this product
really brightens it up and
adds shine, especially
during the time just before
I'm due to have it colored
again.... i def inly
recommended this product
to shine colored hair, but
the description on the web
site, don't explain to much
about how friendly is with
colored hair...thank you.

Donna H. Jersey City NJ

This is a lovely shine
bottle , and definitely
worth a try! It has not
smell and It makes hair
SUPER shine. You really
dont need apply to

Taeho B Irvine CA

This one is my favorite.
My hair is long and black. I
try to avoid washing it too
often to lessen the
damage of styling. This
product allows me to
manage the oil from the
scalp, refresh my hair and
go additional days
between washings. The
smell is great, not too
strong, I'll keep buying it!

Daphnia M New York NY

I would recommend
everyone to have this
product even if you
don't have greasy hair.
This dry shampoo
easily rubs in, I have
black hair and it
doesn't change the
color of my hair, it
doesn't leave any
whitish residue left
over. It's simple to
apply, but just make
sure you brush your
hair after you apply to
make sure you get it
evenly into your scalp.

Michelle C Scarsdale NY

I tried this product after
reading the description
here and was pleasantly
surprised. The results I
got after using this
product with a flat iron on
my relaxed Afro-American
hair were better than
other products. Use a little
bit on wet or dry hair and
style like you usually do. It
prevents frizz and gives
your hair a nice shine and

Loveina M Pittsburgh PA

I've gotta say, I'm
definitely impressed! It
makes my hair SO shine
and smooth, really
works.. I live in Florida
and this stuff keeps
the frizz at away! this
product really is
humidity resistant....I
just ran a comb
through and I was
good to go for the rest
of the day...

Denise T Delray Beach

It makes your hair look,
feel and smell like you've
just washed it and it even
adds volume back to your
hair. It's best applied if
you rub it between your
palms, then flip your head
over and run it through
the roots of your hair.

Kristina S Austin TX
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