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  Our Black Hair Products Are Amazing
  Frustrated and feeling that you are not getting the best out
of your hair?

You can find your solutions in nature. Our products will
improve your nutritive hair and your life.

You can have nutritive black hair that is softer, shinier and
healthier than ever before.

We encourage you to take a journey and learn how using
nutritive products for your hair can improve your life.

Today you can stop breakage, dryness and more by
switching to products created just for your nutritive black


We want you to fall in love with your hair and enjoy it!
  All of our Products are Made with
Ingredients that Cannot Damage or
Aggravate any Scalp or Hair
  Many dry hair care products use harsh chemicals or
detergents that remove your hairs nutritive oils.

This leads to your hair becoming dehydrated and prone to
dryness, dullness, and breakage.

Your hair can become difficult to manage. Black hair also
tends to get drier than other hair types because curly hair
makes it difficult for the scalp's sebum or oil to reach its ends.

Shampoos or other products with chemicals that cause
damage can undo all of your hard work. Mineral oils or

grease can cover up your hair or scalp causing irritation,
dryness and hair

For healthy hair, you must avoid products that contain
mineral oils, alcohol or petroleum.
Your hair is a treasure, and black hair can look gorgeous if you learn how to take care of it. You decided to go
nutritive with your hair; now it is time to go wholesome with your hair care products.

To get the best results you need to nourish your hair.

Your hair requires extra moisture. A daily moisturizer is key to healthy hair. The use of a vinegar rinse every fifteen
days can improve results as well by rinsing out any chemical buildups from treatments and other hair products.

Even if you use relaxers, have dreadlocks, corn rows, curly, short or long wavy hair, black hair has the amazing
potential to beautiful and nutritive.
    Customer reviews and testimonials are provided for informational purposes only. Customer reviews and
testimonials reflect the individual reviewer’s results and experiences only. Actual results may vary among
    I am an African American female with nutritive hair it has been a job to find products that work. I absolutely love how
this makes my hair easy to detangle and comb after I shower. It smells nice, and also helps keep my hair shiny and
healthy. I can truly say this product is AMAZING. Even after the first use I noticed a huge improvement in my hair.

It's SO much smoother, shiner and SO soft. GREAT product. I would definitely recommend!!!

Victoria M Los Osos CA

This hair pomade moisturizer is absolutely incredible. After shampooing and conditioning my hair not only
does the product smell wonderful but it actually penetrates my super thick hair. I have never had a
moisturizer work so well. My hair is soft, detangled, and remains that way until my next wash. I know you
may have been disappointed with hype products in the past- but this product shouldn't disappoint.

Cathy T Miami FL

I LOVE this product. My nutritive hair has never been this way before. This has to be the very best leave in moisturizer
out there!! Great for damaged or treated hair. Will repair it before you know it. Would highly recommend this product
but only use a small amount.

Leasha B ST. PAUL MN

Where have you been all my life.. I started using the shampoo and conditioner for nutritive african
american hair and follow with the pomade. My hair is awesome shiny and it seems to be growing! Not too
heavy or too light... just right. Smell is great and the product does not weigh hair down. Leaves my hair
with a great healthy shine. Had great results from the very first use.

Rhondia A Bluefield VA
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reviews and testimonials are provided for informational purposes only. Customer reviews and testimonials reflect the
individual reviewer’s results and experiences only. Actual results may vary among users. Our products are for topical use
only and should never be consumed.
  Testimonial Disclaimer:
  Customer reviews and
testimonials are
provided for
informational purposes
only. Customer reviews
and testimonials reflect
the individual reviewer’s
results and experiences
only. Actual results may
vary among users.
  This conditioner for
nutritive hair is brilliant!
It is absolutely a hair
dream. I'm an African
American woman
rocking it nutritive right
now, which means
upkeep can be a pain.
My hair has such shine
and softness. Everyone
asked my what I had
done. My point is that if
it works on my texture,
it can work on most if
not all curl textures. BUY
IT! Try it once and you'll
be hooked.

Trina W Las Vegas NV

I am multiracial, and I have
very very curly dry hair. I've
tried more conditioners
than I can count-- from
ridiculously expensive salon
conditioners and nutritive
blends for mixed hair to
basic drugstore favorites. I
like that the conditioner is
heavy enough to keep my
tangles under control, but
light enough that I can use
it in between hair washings
without getting greasy. My
nutritive hair is easier to
comb in and the dryness is
much improved.

Lisa S Woodbury NY

After the first time I
used it, I noticed such a
huge difference in my
hair's texture and I LOVE
it. I have very thick,
coarse curly nutritive
black hair that I
straighten with a Chi
iron. Obviously, this is
hard on my African
American hair, but it's
still in amazingly good
condtion. Did I mention
I also have highlights?
This means lots of
potential for damage,
but honestly, this
product makes my hair
so soft, shiny, and
GREAT!. I also use the
shampoo and the hair
lotion. Highly
recommend, especially
for those who have hair
like mine.

Stephanie P Haslet TX

This shampoo truly works
for my nutritive hair, I
absolutely love it!! I noticed
a difference from the first
time I used it. Leaves hair
silky smooth with less
breakage and I hardly need
to use styling products
after using the shampoo
and conditioner. Try it!!

Lara T New York NY

This conditioner is ultra
rich. Its the only
conditioner that gets
my hair almost as lush as
a salon treatment. Be
sure to rinse it out all
the way to avoid being
greasy. Overall a
fantastic product, quite
worth the price. This
actually began to
reverse the damage and
makes my hair soft and
silky but clean and
non-oily at the same
time!!! Would definitely
recommend to anyone -

Terri C Charlotte NC

I LOVE this product! I have
very thin, fine hair and am
susceptible to a little
amount of frizzies and
flyaways sometimes. I no
longer have either of those
problems with this
conditioner for nutritive
black hair. It does exactly
what it says it's going to
do, and it smells wonderful.
It makes my hair soft and
manageable after every

marlo s birmingham MI

You just towel off your
hair, run it through with
your fingers, and leave it
in and your hair feels
clean No added
fragrance, totally gentle,
completely natural. She
loves it and I love it!
Thank you.

Jason, Topeka, KS

This is one of the best
leave in conditioners I've
tried. It doesn't leave the
hair brittle or sticky. Very
little product is needed and
the curls keep a soft
nutritive form. People have
noticed and complimented
me on my pretty hair!

Jessica, Cary, IL

AMAZING! My hair is
thick, coarse, and
nutritive so it needs
some serious moisture.
My hair never looked
salon quality when I did
it myself, but as a
college student, I had to
find stuff that would
make my hair look just
as good when I did it
myself. Love it and I
totally RECOMMEND it!
It doesn't leave build up
or leave your hair feeling
oily; it makes it smooth
and shiny.

Khelia S Atlanta GA
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