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  Gorgeous Color-Treated Hair
Can Be Yours
  Our products for color-treated hair gently cleanse, replenish
and nourish to help hair color last longer while keeping your
hair looking its very best.

Color-treated hair can be dry, frizzy, and coarse without
the proper care. These products will moisturize your hair to
help protect from damage and breakage.

Your hair will feel and look healthy, manageable and smooth.

Made with no dyes, silicone, sulfates, salt, artificial fragrance,

or parabens. Softens hair without stripping and restores pH
balance so that you may save, preserve and enjoy your color
longer with beautiful results.
  Vinegar Rinse for
Colored-Treated Hair
  A great way to restore, rejuvenate and add sparkle to
color-treated hair is with apple cider vinegar.

Color-treated hair can looks dry as residue that is left on
your hair from other products can make hair look brassy and

Products for color-treated hair are made with chemicals and
leave a lot behind on your hair and scalp. This residue coats
follicles and hair, moisture cannot be absorbed causing

Our vinegar rinse for color-treated hair is formulated with
essential oils and herbal extracts that remove build up from
your hair and scalp leaving it shiny and ready to be
The result is hair that is dry dull and without shine, it is often difficult to perm or color because there is a barrier of
residue preventing them from penetrating the hair shaft.

It also works as a nutritive detangler and anti-frizz hair product.

When used regularly in your nutritive hair care routine, apple cider vinegar can revitalize your hair, leaving it soft

and smooth.

Vinegar rinses are also wonderful scalp treatments in addition to enhancing the look and feel of your treated hair.

Vinegar does this by closing the cuticle of the hair, which makes light reflect off of it and makes your hair sparkle

and shine

We suggest trying our
vinegar Rinse Cleanser for color-treated hair to remove residue.
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  Vinegar Rinse
  Shampoo Alone is Not
Enough. A great way to
restore, rejuvenate and add
sparkle to
colored hair.
  Testimonial Disclaimer:
  Customer reviews and
testimonials are provided
for informational
purposes only. Customer
reviews and testimonials
reflect the individual
reviewer’s results and
experiences only.
may vary based on
individual user.
  Love this product... My hair
was so damaged from
bleaching and flat ironing
but this has revived
moisture to my fine hair and
does not make it sticky or
flat. It's hard to impress me
with a hair product but this
product does.

Ginger D Cleveland TN

This is one of the best
conditioners I have ever
used! I use is sparingly,
comb it through, and
don't worry about my
hair the rest of the day.
It leaves my hair so soft
and easy to manage.
Love - love love it!!

It is truly the best for dry
hair. I have color treated
hair and nothing works
better than this nutritive
dry hair lotion to rehydrate
my hair and its not heavy
either. Great product -
leaves hair soft and very
manageable! Love that it is

Brittan D Saint Petersburg FL

It was a miracle from the
minute I put the
detangler in. My hair has
been extremely dry,
tangled, and knotty.
This nutritive detangler
allows me to easily
remove annoying knots
and tangles without
breaking off my hair. The
tangles seemed to melt
away! My hair stays
moist all day, and less
hair comes out when I
comb it.

Linda T Boise ID

This is the best shine or
finishing product I have
ever used on my hair. I
warm a tiny dab in my
hands and scrunch it into
dry hair to impart major
shine and softness that lasts
all day. This is a fabulous
shine product and I highly
recommend it.

Maria M Miami Beach FL

I really like to use this
nutritive shine polish on
my dry, brittle ends. It
leaves my hair feeling
silky, healthy and shiny.
This little container will
last a long time
considering you only
need a tiny bit for your
hair. This is a great to
get a smooth finish
when flat ironing your
hair. I can’t live without
this one, definitely

Tamara F Austin TX

This is by far and away the
best heat protector and
hair breakage fighter I've
ever used. It's light weight
and it works. My hair comes
out great every time and is
shiny and smooth without
being heavy or weighed
down. I love this setting

Ana F White Plains NY

I am totally in love with
this product. I have
extremely processed
damaged hair with lots
of breakage and hair loss
from the breakage. My
hair is also thin and
straight. The product
goes a long way, so you
only need just a small
amount to cover your
hair from roots to end. I
am adding this to my
beauty routine. The
smell is clean and freshly
amazing too!

Maria C Anaheim CA
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