Why Do Our Products Work?
    We could answer this in many ways, but to keep it simple our
products work because they are made with love.

Making unique skin and hair care products is more than a business
for us. Each formula for every product is unique.
Each product is created with the idea of nourishing your skin or hair
and resolving the underlying cause of the problem that you are

As we find new ingredients from around the world that can

improve your particular condition we improve our formulas.

You will be amazed at how sensitive you are to what you put on
your body or hair.

Nutritive ingredients have a purity and energy to them that we

try to preserve and pass on to you.
We make everything by hand where possible with the least of amount of machinery to preserve the vital
essences of the nutritive ingredients.

Many companies in search of the greatest profit turn to using large machines to make their products. We

believe that this removes the soul and essence of any nutritive ingredient.
What You Should Expect From Our Products
    If you are trying our products for the first time, there are some
things you should know to feel more comfortable with the benefits
that nature has to offer you.

Just as nutritive ingredients vary, so does the appearance, texture,
feel, scent and color of our products.

This is a good thing and is another way that you can be sure that
you are getting all the benefits of the nutritive ingredients.

We could like other companies take away these differences but in
doing so many of the nutritive vitamins and nutrients would be
destroyed in the end.

We prefer to have variety and purity.
Our Products
    This is a simple concept. Just like drinking water, the more water
you drink the healthier your system is.

This is true with our products, the more often that you use them,
the healthier you will look and feel. You do not have to make a
compromise to improve yourself with our nutritive skin and

hair care products.

This is not true with chemical based skin or hair care products.
Many times the products that you use can cause more problems.

Products with mineral oil and other chemicals actually can make
skin problems such as psoriasis, eczema or acne worse.

Hair care products with chemicals can cause the very problem that
you are trying to fix.
Many chemical personal care companies promote being nutritive with less than 1% percent nutritive ingredients

It is time to stop being misled and demand products for a healthier you and environment.
Nature Provided The Perfect Ingredients To Rejuvenate
    We formulated hard to find exotic oils from around the globe into
blends renowned for their anti-oxidant and vitamin properties.
These blends quickly penetrate to moisturize and protect your skin
& hair without feeling greasy or oily. We have blends for each part
of your body & hair.

We want to share with you the quality of living healthy

with nutritive skin & hair care products. Nature offers the best
ingredients for your benefit, but sometimes we forget how effective nutritive can be.

There is nothing worse for your skin & hair than an unnecessary
chemical ingredient.

Solutions may be found in Nature without using chemical
substitutions, in the pure and nutritive form of herbs and plant oils
found in nature.
We invite you to learn how our products can solve your skin & hair care concerns.
Labeling, Packaging, and Brochures Are Made By Hand
    In accordance with our principles of making our products by hand,
we follow this in all parts of production. We use people to make

our labels and brochures.

Each are cut and applied by hand to each product. Sometimes a
label is not perfectly cut or applied straight.

We use nutritive inks, starch packing peanuts and all of our
containers are recyclable. We chose the packaging very carefully to
ensure that the ingredients are protected and fresh.

We purchase them as close to us as possible to reduce fossil fuel
used in their transport.

Although it is not feasible yet to eliminate all the packaging, we

strive to minimize the impact on the world around us.
All Of Our Products Are Made By Hand The Old Fashion Way
    We believe that our people are the heart and soul of the company.
They inspire us with their passion, creatively and love of our

These are values that machines cannot provide. We strive always
to improve productivity with our people instead of trying to replace
them with machinery.

Many of the nutritive ingredients that we use must be handled with
the care that only a pair of loving hands can offer.

These ingredients are fresh and pure. They vary from time to time
in color, density, scent and texture.

Our people recognize and respect the differences with these living
ingredients. Only experienced hands can gently transform them
into creams, lotions, shampoos and our other products into works
of living art.
Our craftsmen/women use nutritive ingredients to produce the finest skin and hair care products. Some
companies prefer using high speed, high temperatures and mass production to make their products, in doing so
they damage all of the nutritive benefits that the nutritive ingredients had to offer.
  Customers products reviews and testimonials are provided for informational purposes only. Customer
products reviews and testimonials reflect the individual skin care products reviewer’s results and
experiences only. Products results may vary based on individual user.
  Yes, this is one product I can't live without! Helps keep my hair from getting too brittle and helps minimize breakage. This
nutritive hair protein treatment with other conditioners, really does help keep my hair looking and feeling nice and stops

Sally G Longmont CO

This is a fantastic product for nourishing my hair! After the first use my hair was so soft, shiny, vibrant, and
my ends looked healthier than ever! I use the shampoo and the conditioner together and my hair is so much
softer. I haven't really had it that long though, but I'm impressed with what I have so far.

Lindsey M House Springs MO

Every woman in the world should use this nutritive protein at least once a month. I have fine thin hair and this always
makes my hair smooth silky and stronger without loosing body.I make all my girlfriends with dry, curly or frizzy hair use
this. They always thank me.

Firas H Petaluma CA

Just to make the story short:IT ROCKS !!! truly worked for me and I highly recommend it. This is a fabulous
product. My hair has never felt better. I highly recommend it.

Mary H, Miami FL
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reviews and testimonials are provided for informational purposes only. Customer reviews and testimonials reflect the
individual reviewer’s results and experiences only. Actual results may vary among users. Our products are for topical use
only and should never be consumed.
  Vinegar Nutritive
Rinse Cleanser
  Vinegar Rinse Used For
Centuries Alopecia, Hair
Loss, Baldness Promotes
Faster Growth
  Grow New Hair
  Focus On Your Scalp and
Follicles For Faster Hair

For men and women
  Skin Calming
and Lotion
  If you have dry skin, itchy
skin, eczema, rashes,
contact dermatitis, cracked
skin or a combination of
these you can get fast
lasting nourish....
  Clear Face and Body
  Our Clear face and body wash is made with Aloe Vera and bacteria fighting Foraha, Karanja and Sea Buckthorn that gently help with blemishes, reduces redness and irritation caused by acne.  
  Scalp Spot Cream
  Targets the Bald Spot Areas
and Grow Hair Faster.
  Thicker Hair Shampoo
  Right away your hair begins
to thicken as the rich
nutrients in this shampoo
are absorbed by each hair
  Leave-In Conditioner
  Perfect for all hair types this
creamy leave in conditioner
replaces lost moisture,
nutrients and protein to
increase styling and
manageability. With your
first use you will see and
feel a noticeable
Testimonial Disclaimer:
  Customer Hair Products
reviews and testimonials
are provided for
informational purposes
only. Customer Hair
Products reviews and
testimonials reflect the
individual Hair Products
reviewer’s results and
experiences only. Hair
Productsr results may
vary based on individual
  This has to be the
ultimate secret weapon
for my hair's new
beauty. I noticed a
complete 180
transformation of my
hair. This actually works.
The protein hair
treatment along with
the shampoo and
conditioner give your
hair the best
nourishment it needs to
look amazing!

Dana R Powhatan VA

Absolutely love this
botanical hair protein
product. I have been
struggling with getting my
hair looking healthy for months and
have tried numerous
products and nothing has
worked, until I tried this
product. Just after one use
my hair was noticeably
softer and after 1 month of
use I can tell that overall my
hair looks healthier & stronger.

Stacey L Niles MI

This is a product worth
the investment. I have
fine and thinning hair
that is color-treated.
This vitamin and protein
treatment restored and
strengthen my hair and
used in conjunction with
the conditioner, it has
made a HUGE difference
in my hair thicker,
stronger, less hair loss.
Love this product!

Jennifer M Denver CO
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