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  Anti-Aging Day Facial Cream
  Breakthrough Essence Formula Lifts and Tightens
  This rich moisturizer provides natural anti-oxidants and
vitamins that rejuvenate your skin.

You'll feel the difference with this remarkable anti-aging day
cream! Skin appears tighter and firmer,  fine lines and wrinkles
are diminished.

A blend of nourishing Kukum butter and Rosehip oil penetrate
deeply to prevent free radical damage and allows your skin to heal
itself from within.

Lasting youthful appearance in just weeks can be achieved.
    Alcohol Free
Chemical Free
Cruelty Free
Gluten Free
Handmade Fresh
Made in the USA
Natural & Organic
No GMO’s
Paraben Free
Sulfate Free
1 oz / 30 ml
Anti-Aging Day Facial Cream
    Antioxidants Vitamins A and E go to work immediately, increasing cell regeneration restoring your skin, reducing
fine lines and wrinkles.

Hydrating Borage oil drenches your skin with vital moisture while essential oils of Carrrot Seed Oil rejuvenate and
soften delicate skin texture.

With regular use, your skin will begin to absolutely glow with health and youthful radiance.
How to Use
    Apply anti-aging day cream evenly to your face and the front and sides of your neck each morning after
Anti-Aging Day Facial Cream
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Helichrysum Floral Water, Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Borage Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Peach Kernel Oil, Carrot Seed Oil, Shea Butter, Pomegranate Extract, Avocado Fruit Oil, Rosehip Flower Oil, Kukum Butter, Vegetable Emulsifier, Chrysanthemum Extract, Vitamin E.
Amazing Natural Ingredients
    Helichrysum Floral Water ( Helichrysum italicum )

Organic Helichrysum Hydrosol is also helpful in speeding the recovery of wounds and scars. Organic Helichrysum
Hydrosol is helpful in applications intended to combat and soothe acne, and is a good choice for toners and other
formulations intended for maturing skin.

Aloe Vera Juice ( Aloe barbadensis)

Aloe Vera has been used topically for thousands of years to treat wounds, skin infections, burns, and numerous
other skin and hair conditions. Aloe Vera’s use can be traced back 6,000 years to early Egypt. Aloe Vera contains
vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2, B3, B6, and B12. Aloe Vera also contains over 200 other naturally occurring nutrients
such as enzymes, amino acids and sterols.

Borage Oil (Borago officinalis)

Borage Oil is derived from the seeds of the Borage plant, also known as the blue starflower. It is an annual herb
native to the Mediterranean. Borage has one of the highest amounts of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) of all seed oils.
Borage oil is popular for hair maintenance and hair loss, as GLA will treat dry and damaged hair as well as may slow
the effects of hair loss. Borage oil can dramatically improve dry, flaky skin conditions.

Sea Buckthorn Oil (Hippophae rhamnoides)

Sea Buckthorn is a hardy, cold-climate plant originating from the mountains of China and Russia. The seed's oil is
rich in vitamin E, K, carotenoids and sterols, a substance that aids in cell function. Sea Buckthorn has been called
the superfruit. This fruit has a high abundance of some of the most powerful antioxidants in the world. Not only
that, but it is the only plant known to contain essential fatty acids 3, 6, 7, and 9.
    Customers anti-aging reviews and testimonials are provided for informational purposes only.
Customer anti-aging reviews and testimonials reflect the individual anti-aging reviewer’s results and
experiences only. Anti-aging results may vary based on individual user.
    Since I have been using the day cream and serum on a consistent basis, there is no need to use any other
products. As my dermatologist put it during my last visit, "Your skin has never looked so good, whatever you
have been doing is working, keep up the good work!" All I can say after hearing that comment made me realize I
have certainly made the right choice of aging products, and will continue to use it. I highly recommend it.

Lori S San Francisco CA

I really love all the ingredients that are in the serum. They're really amazing! I started using it and I
really like the way it feels. My skin feels really nice." I can feel my skin breathe and it just feels

Olga N Pebble Beach CA

"I love your night facial cream. In fact, my skin loves it. The first 2 or 3 days, my skin kept wanting more as if it
was begging for nutrients. I kept applying it and my skin feels great now!" Thank you again, my skin thanks you!!!

Suzanne F Esthetician
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Face it - we're just not getting any younger. As you age, your skin
needs all the help it can get! Years of sun damage, poor nutrition, and
exposure to environmental pollutants will inevitably begin staring back
at you in the mirror if you don't give your skin the nourishment that it
so desperately craves.

Attack wrinkles and fine lines before they form deep beneath your
skin's surface.

Many products simply provide a moisture barrier on top of your skin,
but JustNatural's anti-aging skin care line is specially formulated to
penetrate deeply and nourish your skin from within. Don't settle for
dry, wrinkled skin.
  Turn back the clock by tapping into Nature's bounty of powerful anti-aging skin care solutions.

An all-natural blend of over a dozen proven anti-aging ingredients includes powerful borage oil, the richest source of
gamma linoleic acid (GLA) in the world.

Gamma linoleic acid is an essential fatty acid (EFA) known for its regenerative anti-aging properties
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Testimonial Disclaimer:
  Customers anti-aging
reviews and testimonials
are provided for
informational purposes
only. Customer anti-
aging reviews and
testimonials reflect the
individual anti-aging
reviewer’s results and
experiences only. Anti-
aging results may vary
based on individual user.
  This is the single best
moisturizing cream for
my face I have ever
tried. I will never be
without this. I have
extreme dry skin and
this natural anti aging
cream has done amazing
things in just a few days.

Glenda F San Antonio TX

This face cream does it all
for me. Keeps me hydrated,
not oily, I don't break out
while using it and it doesn't
feel like it is caked on to
give me ultimate moisture
all day long. I love love love
this product! Fine lines I had
on my face due to
dehydration have all cleared

Nora M Jefferson City MO

This is by far the best
day/night cream I've
ever used that dimishes
fine lines, tightening,
moisturizing & that
includes La Prairie & La
Mer. I never would have
believed that an organic
cream would be this
good. But my skin
knows the difference!

Joyce R New Hyde Park

This cream is amazing; soft
but dense and not sticky or
thick. The cream is very
well and fast absorbed and
leaves my skin velvety soft
and gives me a relaxed look.
It definitly evens out fine
lines and wrinkles and has
an amazing soothing and
hydrating effect. I am
about to finish my first jar
and will sure buy another

Heather G Danville NH

This is where I stop
looking for any
moisturizer. I absolutely
love this organic cream.
It is not punched with
bunch of scents and
parfume....but rather it
gives you your
requirements when one
first seeks out to look
for a good cream. Very
light and a little goes a
long way! This cream
melts into your skin and
stays there for it's

Lucy T Montebello CA

I just love this moisturizer!
It is hydrating and has
helped with the lines and
wrinkles. It has a nice scent
and my foundation looks
great over it. I have
somewhat dry, sensitive
skin, but have encountered
no problems using it. I think
this product does what it
claims. It also contains
impressive anti-aging
ingredients. I think it is
worth the money -- and I
can't say that about a lot of
skincare products!

Margaret C Medford MA

I've been using this
product for a couple of
weeks and really found a
difference in lines around
my eyes and laugh lines.
not too much
improvement on my
forehead but it's only
been a couple of weeks.
my skin looks brighter
and smoother too!

Maxine G Rochester NY

I love this natural facial
cream. It made the fine
lines around my eyes go
away. It lasted for over two
months so although it is
expensive it is worth it!

Cenira S Mount Vernon NY

I love using products
and creams whose
benefits are really
noticeable. This is a
luxurious and effective
moisturizer. I only need
to use a little bit,
bedcause it contains no
"fillers" only great
natural stuff. It smooths
lines and wrinkles, and
makes the skin feel
firmer! I love it!

Krista A Kansas City MO

I highly recommend this
product especially for over
40 skin. this creme is
incredibly rich, but at the
same time is deliciously light.
it is instantly absorbed by
the skin.

Maribel V Bronx NY

I've tried a million of
these wrinkle cream
products, and they
never work. This one
really does. I don't even
use it for age concerns; I
use it for clarity of skin
tone. I noticed a
dramatic difference in
only a few days. I am
hooked on using only
natural now.

Linda W Woodinville WA
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